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Introducing the next revolution
in filmmaking: YOU
It's the age of the cinematic DSLR camera. Unlike generations before you, you have access to affordable equipment
that can match the quality of big-budget cinema.
Mic up your talent like professionals with the new Lavalier Fundamentals. Learn how this
simple tool is implemented from news rooms, interviews, and even reality TV!
Dive deeper into the psyche of your characters with our new Character Creation 
Fundamentals. Develop your protagonist (and antagonist) to create the most
dynamic story you can!
Uncover the art of editing aesthetics in this collaboration with ACE editor Glenn
Garland. Discover the importance of subtext, radio edits, editing for narrative,
emotional weighting and suspense versus surprise.
Learn about how our perception of color plays a role in correcting it.
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Character Fundamentals
Create believable characters when writing your next script with our new
Character Fundamentals!
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