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Watch the Editors of the film Birdman, Stephen Mirrione, ACE
and Douglas Crise, discuss working with Director Alejandro
González Iñárritu and putting together a film with no apparent cuts.
Listen as Kirk Baxter, the editor of David Fincher's new film Gone Girl, 
discusses his creative process while editing this highly anticipated film.
A Special Event With Richard Marks
A look into the amazing career of Richard Marks!  His experiences getting 
into the business, making the transition to Hollywood from New York as
well as working on specific films like Apocalypse Now.
Fred Savage, actor, director and producer of televisions, interviews the 2014 Emmy nominated 
Editors as they discuss their art and how it's shaping the best of television.
Nicolas Cage and director David Gordon Green discuss the intense film Joe 
staring Nicholas Cage and Tye Sheridan.  They recall experiences while filming, 
working with non-actors and the emotions behind the powerful scenes.
A Conversation With
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Nicolas Cage
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a conversation with
Paul Hirsch
Paul Hirsch, an Academy Award winning editor, has worked 
on films such as Star Wars, Mission: Impossible and Ray. 
Listen to his experience editing the original Star Wars and
how he became and editor.
Join the editors of "Dawn of the Planet of the Apes" as they discuss the difficulties 
of navigating the rapidly expanding territory of motion capture, and the close 
collaboration it necessitates between the visual effects and editing departments.
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