MC203 Digital Filmmaking in Avid

Digital Filmmaking in Avid is a two day course which prepares editors on working with film and 24p media on Avid.
Code: MC203
Cost: $595.00
Location: Hollywood, CA
Total Hours: 16 hours
    Formerly known as MC102 (Working with Film & 24P), Moviola’s two-day course prepares editors and assistant editors for working with film and 24p media on Avid Media Composer and Symphony.

    At Moviola Digital, Avid class sizes are limited to eight to ten students.

    Class time is divided between demonstrations followed by hands-on practice exercises.
    • Understanding the film to video (telecine) transfer process referred to as 2:3 Pulldown.
    • Film and 24p project workflows.
    • Organizing editing projects and sessions.
    • Understanding Avids AutoSync and AutoSequence features.
    • Avids Script Integration feature.
    • Film and reformatting effects.
    • Creating an Edit Decision List (EDL).
    • Digital Cuts (mastering to tape).
    • Adjusting sync with Avids Perf Slip feature.
    • Exporting Audio to a ProTools audio workstation.
    • Additional topics include film and video terminology, Film Matchback, acquisition of 24p footage, 24p versus 23.976p, Film and 24p settings, modifying clip data, fixing incorrect pulldown, and Grid Display settings.

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    Who Should Attend

    Editors and/or assistant editors both new and seasoned who are looking to further their knowledge of digital filmmaking in the industry's leading non-linear editing platform.


    MC101 (Introduction to Avid Editing), or equivalent experience. Recommended: Experience in a film-editing environment.

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