MO101 Introduction to Motion 5

This three-day, hands-on course will familiarize students with Motion, Apple's revolutionary software for motion graphics design.
Code: MO101
Cost: $895.00
Location: Hollywood, CA
Total Hours: 24 hours
    This three-day, hands-on course will familiarize students with Motion, Apple's revolutionary software for motion graphics design. This comprehensive course covers working with Motion's Real-Time Design engine and interface, behavior-based animation, parameter behaviors, blend modes, advanced particle system design, advanced title animation, working with templates, chroma key techniques, masking methods, advanced 3D features, working with audio, keyframing, and integration.
    • Understanding behavior-based animation and templates.
    • Working with blend modes.
    • Working with templates.
    • Masking methods.
    • Keyframing techniques.
    • Working with objects, groups and layers.
    • Working in a 3-D environment.
    • Working with lights and cameras.
    • Animating camera movement.
    • Using preexisting templates and creating your own.
    • Working with retiming behaviors and optical flow timing.
    • Creating text effects - including applying behaviors and animating text on a path and in 3-D.
    • Working with generators and particle emitters.
    • Integration with Final Cut Pro X.

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    Who Should Attend

    Any individual interested in learning the intricacies of Apple's visual effects program.


    OS101 (Introduction to Mac OS X), or equivalent experience.

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