This set of videos is a comprehensive introduction to the steps involved in incorporating computer generated content into live action media.


0:27 Set Extensions
Choosing A 3D Package
0:39 Cinema 4D
0:57 3D S Max
1:06 Maya
1:16 Houdini
1:23 MODO
2:04 Free Programs
Finding Stock 3D Models
0:49 What To Look For
Principle Photography
0:41 Capturing A Light Probe With AVR Camera
1:34 Shooting The Principle Photography
2:05 Capturing Onset Reference Shots
Creating An Equirectangular HDR Light Probe
1:24 Centering The Fish Eye
3:25 Lining Up The Horizon
4:20 Filling In The Ground
5:29 Cleaning Up The Image
The Camera Track
0:47 Choosing Track Points For The Origin
1:34 Creating Solids As Guides
Setting Up The Render
Texturing The Model
0:30 Trimming Down The Model
1:13 Adding Grunge
Assembly In After Effects
0:53 Rotoscoping Foreground Images
1:26 Color Matching The Render To The Background Plate
4:18 Applying The Color Correction To The Model
5:32 Cleaning Up The Edges
Creating Diffusion
0:16 Diffusion Vs Blur
1:44 Faking It In After Effects
Adding Atmosphere
0:31 Camouflage Misdirection And Slight Of Hand
1:15 Positioning Additional Elements In 3D Space
2:38 Compositing The Smoke