In this section we get to the heart of shot design, covering the fundamental principles of composition. We begin with the rule of thirds, then go deeper into the importance of dimensionality in staging a shot.


0:21 Rule of Thirds
1:13 Hitchcocks Rule
1:51 Common Applications of the Rule of Thirds
Framing for Perspective
0:31 Where to Place the Vanishing Point
1:05 Golden Triangles
1:48 Leading Lines
Framing and Camera Angle
0:09 The Basics Of Camera Placement
0:27 Creating Dramatic Camera Angles
1:20 Characters at Different Heights
1:35 Canted Framing
Giving Room to your Subjects
0:12 Head Room
0:52 Lead Room
1:30 Framing for Interviews
Cheating the Frame
0:22 Changing The Layout of the Set
Directing Attention With Depth Of Field
0:27 Racking Focus
Understanding Lens Choice
0:11 Wide vs Narrow Lens
1:15 Lens Choice in Digital Cameras
1:45 Practical Applications of Lens Choice
0:01 Overview