The world of film and video production is filled with a weird and wonderful array of oddly and sometimes inappropriately named pieces of support gear.  This series of videos covers the most significant pieces of set gear, right down to milk crates and “furni" pads.


C Stand
0:21 Basic Operation Of A C Stand
1:19 Positioning A C Stand
1:48 Right Hand Rule
Lighting Stand
0:19 Studio Light Sizes
1:04 Lo And Hi Boys
1:33 Setting Up A Light Stand
Pins And Receivers
0:45 Butt Plugs
0:11 C47
0:38 Pony Clamps
1:03 Furniture Clamps
1:13 C Clamps
1:20 Grid Clamps
1:28 Speed Clamps
1:37 Ratcheting Handles
1:51 Cardellini Clamps
2:17 Scissor Clamps
0:07 Apple Box
1:10 Wedges
1:28 Cheese Plates
1:53 Speed Rail
2:10 Milk Crates
2:20 Furni Pads