Shot descriptions are the very basic language of cinematography. This section of videos covers both scene framings and character framings–the terminology and the visuals.


Overview and Scene Framings
0:45 Scene framings v. character framings
0:55 Scene framings
1:02 Wide shot
1:28 Extreme long shot
1:43 Full shot
2:01 Medium shot
2:32 Two shot
Character Framings
0:05 Character full shot
0:11 Character medium full shot
0:16 Cowboy shot
0:28 Character medium shot
0:33 Close up shot
0:51 Extreme close up shot
Common shot types
0:00 Introduction
0:16 The establishing shot
1:06 The master shot
1:47 The choice of establishing shot as master
2:04 Over the shoulder shot
2:32 POV (point of view) shot
3:07 The cutaway shot
3:32 The reaction shot
3:53 The insert shot
4:24 The connecting shot
Summary review