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How to Shoot a Two Person Interview | Canon C200 + Canon C500 Mark II

Griffin Conway breaks down the correct way to produce a two-person interview. He takes us behind the scenes of an…

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How to Shoot a Spec Video for New Work

People always ask if they should work for free or if they should bother to shoot a spec piece to…

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Understanding IP Video: How the Internet is Changing Video Production

Video Production and Post is heading off another cliff, instead of propriety cabling and embedded signals, we move to the…

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How to Upsell Services to your Clients

Sales?!  As creatives that is often a four letter word.  Creatives are not known for being the best at sales…

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Building a Sustainable Filmmaking Career

In this presentation, independent filmmaker Noam Kroll will outline his key principles for building and sustaining a career as a…