Discover unique perspectives on crafting ‘cinematic’ shots even on a challenging budget.

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Shooting Wide Open

The latest crop of digital cameras are finally starting to match the dynamic range of traditional film cameras. But what…

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The Camera’s Eye: A Guide to the Perfect Lens

Lenses are just as critical, if not more so, than your camera. Just like your camera, you will use your…

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Cinematic Ways: Steadicams & Stabilizers

A brief look at some of the more modern and innovative stabilization devices, weighing the pros and cons of each.…

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Cinematic Ways: Easy Rig & Dana Dolly

Learn more cinematic ways to move your camera with tools like the versatile Easy Rig and the affordable Dana Dolly!…

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Cinematic Ways: Shoulder Rig & Tripod

Get help on building the right shoulder rig, along with several ways that a Tripod can benefit your production in…