Professional editors weigh in on smart solutions to real world editorial problems, along with the nuts and bolts of media asset management in the age of massive data.

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Craft Editing in DaVinci Resolve 15 (Part 2)

As DaVinci Resolve has continued to evolve as a non-linear editing tool many editors have been curious about how it…

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The Power of Transitions

In a perfect world, you spend time planning your transitions and how to get from one scene to another. In…

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Cutting Good Trailers

We will look at the trailers for my recent films and detail the why and how of putting them together.…

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Making a Scene “Good Enough”

Actors’ performances, lack of time or issues on set; there is a good chance certain scenes you shoot just aren’t…

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The Reality of Unscripted Television Editing

Are you an editor who just landed your first reality show? Or are you an assistant editor who is moving…