Practical advice for capturing sound right the first time, and fixing it when someone else didn’t.

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5 Things: Audio Cleanup for Video Editors

Runnin’ and gunnin’, camera mics, and odd shooting locations can yield a multitude of audio problems. In this episode of…

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The Video Editor’s Guide to Audio Basics

This webinar offers basic audio theory and audio mixing techniques, tips, and tricks aimed at the average video editor. Delivered…

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Recording Great Audio In-Studio and On-Location

This session answers the question: what mics do I use and where do I place them to get great sound…

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Understanding Audio in Final Cut Pro X

Final Cut Pro X changed the traditional concept of editing, and it is difficult to comprehend at times. But digging…

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How to Capture Good Audio in the Field

For a lot of video professionals (or photographers moving to video) audio is the most confusing and scary part of…