Visual Effects

From hands-on software-based techniques to creating 3D worlds, our experts show you the techniques being used in modern post-production workflows.

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Dry for Wet Pt2: Faking Reflections (done right)

Learn how to project accurate reflections onto a scene to simulate wetness and other reflection techniques. Using Fusion, we create…

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Dry for Wet Pt1: Color Correction

Learn how to convert a sunny day into a rainy deluge using Blackmagic Fusion and our comprehensive recipe. In this…

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Object Removal using Camera Tracking

Use the power of camera tracking to remove objects from a scene. Discover how Fusion’s built-in camera tracker can make…

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Tattoo Removal

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Reactor in Fusion

Discover the incredible tools available for free through this powerful plugin manager for Blackmagic Design’s Fusion node-based compositor. You’ll find…