Visual Effects

From hands-on software-based techniques to creating 3D worlds, our experts show you the techniques being used in modern post-production workflows.

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Compositing Made Easy In Your NLE

So you know your NLE like the back of your hand or at least you think you do until you…

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Stereo 3D Filmmaking Bootcamp

Stereographic filmmaking is the newest craze in Hollywood, in spite of the fact that 3D has been around almost as…

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Real World VFX In Your NLE Using Boris Continuum Complete

Who ever thought you could do real compositing inside Final Cut Pro or Avid? With Boris Continuum Complete, you can…

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Smoke on Mac

With the introduction of Snow Leopard OS on Mac, it is now possible for the first time to run Smoke…

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VFX Plug-Ins Essentials: GenArts Sapphire Edition

When you’re entrusted with a big job from a major corporate client, you don’t always get the footage that you…