Visual Effects

From hands-on software-based techniques to creating 3D worlds, our experts show you the techniques being used in modern post-production workflows.

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After Effects Bootcamp for Avid Editors Part 1

Editors wear tons of hats these days and, more and more, clients are asking editors to create motion graphics. In…

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Jazzing Up Graphics with Cinema 4D

In this webinar, find out how to create and animate objects in 3D with Cinema 4D. You’ll learn how to…

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Adding CG To Your Next Movie

Adding CG to movies has been the realm of Hollywood VFX artists…until now. Learn the basic technique for incorporating CG…

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Resolve Can Composite, So Why Use Fusion?

The new Fusion integration turns Resolve into a bonafide finishing platform with the potential to rival Autodesk’s Smoke and similar…

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The Secret of Breakaway Props

Following on the heels of their blood knife construction webinar, Hollywood visual effects veterans Gene Warren III and Phil Hartman…