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A Filmmaker's Guide to After Effects 3D

In this webinar you will learn to create visually compelling graphics in After Effects. You can fake or exaggerate reality with depth of field, add lights and shadows and fly through your scenes. Learn how to work in 3D space, gotchas to avoid, and at tips/tricks to let you work smarter and not harder. Assumes a basic understanding of Adobe After Effects

  • 3D Layer Basics.
  • Tips on Working with Cameras & Lights.
  • Creating a Virtual Camera Rig with Nulls
  • Creating an Organic Look with Expressions, Scripts, and Presets.
  • Resources That Will Save You Time.
Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Clay Asbury is an Adobe Certified Instructor for Premiere Pro and After Effects. He balances post production training with his own freelance videography/editing.