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Killer Titles Inside After Effects Using Motype & Nodes

Creating great titles can often feel like a struggle, especially if you also have to convey a lot of information in a short period of time. This webinar explores how to speed up this process using 2 great plug-ins, Motype and Nodes, inside Adobe After Effects.

With Motype, we'll see how to quickly create a number of different styles of motion titles and how to create reusable templates to save time or to hand off to someone else. With Nodes, we'll create some great motion infographics. We'll start off with a preset style, then we'll customize it to reflect the style of your project.

  • How does Motype & Nodes relate to FxFactory?
  • Easing in to Motype.
  • The power of creating & customizing preset templates.
  • Making it move.
  • Easily create particle systems.
  • Creative motion blur.
  • Kicking it up with 3D cameras and backgrounds.
  • Presenting data with Nodes.
  • Making datasets sexy.
  • Use the beauty of Nodes for Motion Graphics.
  • Finding the right style for the subject matter.
Ben Brownlee is a VFX artist, digital media specialist and instructor with 11 years of production experience across a number of disciplines. Ben provides training courses for broadcasters and post-houses around the globe.