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Sound and Music Design with Logic Pro

Whether you're a trained musician or not, Logic gives you everything you need to create dynamic music and sound design. Kenn Michael, filmmaker & composer for TV and film, will show how he uses Logic Pro to tackle any and every music challenge. He will score a scene live in realtime, first using available loops from Apple's included JamPacks, and then again without the loops in the traditional compositional workflow. Listen to some of his music on his website

  • Learn differences between Garageband and Logic Pro.
  • Importing your Garageband projects into Logic Pro.
  • Setting up Logic for picture.
  • Composing to picture using Apple Loops.
  • Composing to picture and creating music without Apple Loops.
Living at the intersection of art, science & technology, spirituality and human evolution Kenn Michael (previously known as Kenny Blank) is a multi-hyphenate that takes the term multi-hyphenate to the next level.