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The Secret Art of Cosmetic Fixes

Actors don't always look their best on the day of the shoot. From signs of age and acne to signs of a sloppy visit to craft services between takes, one of Hollywood's best kept secrets is just how much touch-up work takes place after the cameras stop rolling.

In this webinar we'll take a look at the common techniques employed to create convincing and subtle cosmetic fixes in post. We'll look at using planar tracking techniques with virtual skin grafts as well as effective color correction processing.

We'll round things out with a look at the near miraculous power of PFTrack to track a head in three dimensions and then apply a fix that remains consistant with the lighting throughout a shot.

  • Working with client expectations.
  • What does the client really mean by, "Just make it look natural."?
  • Evaluating a shot for the appropriate approach.
  • How much dynamic range in the source footage?
  • How much motion blur?
  • Is there significant perspective shift?
  • Planar tracking a face.
  • Applying a skin graft.
  • Evening skintone via color correction.
  • Riding color correction in the RGB channels.
  • Modeling a 3D mesh of an actor's head.
  • Tracking the mesh using PFTrack's geometry tracking features.
  • Creating a UV fix.
  • Applying the fix.
  • Adjusting for interactive lighting in the scene.
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