Survival Guides

Our comprehensive video-based training course designed to equip you for professional filmmaking as quickly as possible. Each lesson is deeply condensed to get you up to speed on the topic in the time it takes to sip an overpriced latte.

Featured Survival Guides

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Blender Survival Guide

Blender offers world-class 3D animation tools for the cost of breathing air. All you need is a computer and someone…

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Cinema 4D Survival Guide

Get started quickly in one of the most pervasive and readily available 3D modeling programs with our Cinema 4D Lite…

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Meshroom Survival Guide

Meshroom is a powerful open-source tool for creating digital replicas of your film set, complete with tracked camera. Move beyond…

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Miarmy Survival Guide

MiArmy is a AutoDesk Maya plug-in for crowd simulation, AI & behavioral animation, creature physical simulation and rendering. Developed by…

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Fusion in Resolve

With BlackMagic Design’s inclusion of Fusion in both the free and paid studio versions of Davinci Resolve, the time has…