Established in 1919, Moviola created the very first film editing machine. Changing with the times, we now offer a full service non-linear editing rental division with 24/7 workflow design and technical support, camera rentals, tape and solid state media sales. Our established training division offers leading edge onsite and online training for filmmakers, with weekly live webinars and a vast library of professional on demand training.

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Going Deeper

A vast library of information covering all aspects of filmmaking

Moviola is constantly partnering with industry professionals to bring insights on the latest trends and techniques in production, post-production, and the business of filmmaking.

As part of a moviola.com membership you receive full access to our catalog of techniques, industry interviews, background informationals, seminars, panels, events and special features. This content continues to grow as we engage Hollywood moviemakers to cover the latest trends in production and digital cinema.

Survival Guides

What you need to stay alive. And nothing else.

Ever wanted to learn an app but discovered you don't have the spare 40 hours that the available training requires to get you up to speed? Then you're the reason we came up with our Survival Guides. These guides focus on the core skills you need to become useful in an application. We're not going to teach you everything there is to know about the app, but we teach you how to get the important things done, and provide a foundational understanding that will enable you to easily learn specific tools as you need them.

Want more depth? We offer extended learning experiences too (in our classes section), but we think you'll be pleasantly surprised by how much you can get done after running through one of our survival guides.

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