Discover unique perspectives on crafting ‘cinematic’ shots even on a challenging budget.

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Shooting in Extreme Locations

Barry has traveled the world and has had to shoot in extreme locations ranging from Chernobyl, to windy Iceland, in…

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Affordable Anamorphic Adapters

Cine tech comes in waves. Jon Fauer points out that, historically, each wave of excitement for 3D Stereo is followed…

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Capturing Unique Looks in Production & Post

In this webinar Noam will explore specific lighting and color grading techniques associated with three popular film looks: The Comedy…

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Blocking Before Coffee

Directors sometimes misuse storyboards, shot lists, previs and other pre-production materials. For example, they can struggle to make a mediocre…

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Getting Cinematic Images in Imperfect Locations

If you have access to a stunning location, then it’s easy to create a cinematic shot. However, most of the…