Visual Effects

Learn to use visual effects to make your movie look bigger than its budget. Discover how to achieve realistic digital set extensions and sky replacements, add CG elements to your scene, and how to correctly shoot and work with greenscreen.

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Shooting Visual Effects

This set of videos outlines color preparation and set survey techniques, specifically geared towards 3D camera tracking in post-production.

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Node Based Compositing

Node-based compositing can be one of the most confusing aspects of digital filmmaking and yet more and more applications are…

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Sky Replacement

In this set of videos we leverage 3D camera tracking data to replace a blown out sky with a higher…

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This series of videos looks at the principles behind tracking, the various kinds of tracking (point tracking, planar tracking, 3D…

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In this set of vides we look at the curve types available for rotoscoping, the challenges of dealing with soft…