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From hands-on software-based techniques to creating 3D worlds, our experts show you the techniques being used in modern post-production workflows.

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Nuke for Newbies! | Nuke Tutorial Webinar

Intro webinar class on Foundry’s Nuke, the world’s premier visual effects package. No prior experience necessary! This tutorial originally premiered…

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Retime Repair

Sometimes no matter what you try, you’re favorite optical flow retime just fails. Don’t give up! In this video we…

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Python Super SloMo Tool

“Super slomo with machine learning” – Optical flow retiming is so ‘2007.’ In 2020, let the robots slow your video…

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Screen Inserts Done Right

Screen inserts are one of the most common effects done in everything from Hollywood blockbusters to corporate videos. So why…

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Clearing the Road (for the zombie apocalypse)

How do you film a zombie apocalypse road scene without closing down the town for a day? Easy: clean plate…