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Color Correction

Solid advice for achieving “that look” or for fixing stubborn problems with the color in your shot.

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TENET Color Grade Recreation | Davinci Resolve 16

Tenet is one of the most hyped movies of 2020, for its incredible cinematography, acting & directing, and unique color…

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Recreating the Joker’s Color Grade

Oscar-Winner Joker (2019) is a visual tour de force, particularly in the color department. The color grading of Joker brings…

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The Impact of Color in Film | Cinematographer Lawrence Sher

Lawrence Sher, the cinematographer behind Joker (2019), explains the impact that different color combinations have on the viewer, and how…

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Why EVERY photographer should be using LIGHTROOM!

Peter McKinnon goes through Adobe Lightroom and gives color correction tips for your photos.

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Reading Scopes in Adobe Premiere Pro

Larry Jordan shows you how to read scopes in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6