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There are as many camera techniques as there are DP’s. Here we focus on some of the best techniques from around the web for enhancing the kinetics and framing of your camera work.

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Choosing the Right Camera Lens with Roger Deakins

StudioBinder talks with Roger Deakins about how he goes about choosing the correct camera lens depending on the situation and…

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Aspect Ratio | Impact on Story Telling

The Aspect ratio is the width and height dimensions of an image or screen. Hurlbut Academy walks through how different…

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Camera Rigs | Gear and Usage Explained

Camera rigs – used to capture cinematic footage, vary widely in size and use. There is a myriad of options…

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The Exposure Triangle | ISO, Aperture, Shutter

The concepts of ISO, aperture and shutterspeed can be confusing for amateur photographers and filmmakers. Wolfcrow does a  great job…

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Wes Anderson’s Colorful Style | Color Theory

Wes Anderson is famous for his vibrant color schemes and shot composition. StudioBinder breaks down what makes Anderson’s style unique.