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There are as many camera techniques as there are DP’s. Here we focus on some of the best techniques from around the web for enhancing the kinetics and framing of your camera work.

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Using Color in Cinematography

Cinematographer Seamus McGarvey, BSC, ASC explains how he makes use of different color schemes in his films to evoke varying…

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Roger Deakins Talks 1917 | Lenses, Long-takes & Cinematography

Roger Deakins was largely responsible for 1917’s immersive long-shot experience as cinematographer and DoP. StudioBinder breaks down how Deakins went…

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The 180 Degree Rule

The 180-degree rule is an extremely important, but often forgotten rule of production. When a cinematographer blocks out camera angles,…

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Five Brilliant Camera Movements in Cinema History

Cinefix walks us through five moments in movies in which the camera’s movement brings increased meaning and significance to the…

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Roger Deakins’ Cinematography Style

Oscar-winning cinematographer Roger Deakins is a legend in the field, but what exactly separates him apart from other great cinematographers?…