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Sage advice for directing a successful shoot and getting the best performances from your talent.

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How Directors Work with Actors

Many directors have unique styles of working with actors on and off-set. Iconic directors like David Fincher, Alfred Hitchcock,  Stanley…

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Directing Entourage | Gary Goldman Interview

Gary Goldman recounts his experience directing the Entourage Season 4 ‘Cannes Film fest’ episode with a live crowd, no comms,…

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Cinematic Camera Movements

Directors looking to hold their audience’s attention can make use of a diverse range of camera movements. In this excellent…

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Lone Survivor | Behind the Scenes

Awesome behind-the-scenes of the production of Lone Survivor (2013). Actors Mark Walhberg, Emile Hersch and Taylor Kitsch worked with director…

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Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey | The making of ‘The Dawn of Man’

CinemaTyler explains and illustrates how Stanley Kubrick went about creating the ‘Dawn of Man’ section of his unique film, A…