Practical advice for capturing sound right the first time, and fixing it when someone else didn’t.

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One Man Band Audio Kit Essentials

If you are like many videographers you are now more often than not expected to capture audio. In this webinar…

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Scoring a Film Scene

Here is a chance to watch a scene from a feature film that starts with a temp score through several…

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Pro Audio Features for Editors in DaVinci Resolve 14

How much time do editors spend working on the dialogue and soundtrack? Anyone who has ever screened a “rough cut”…

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5 Things: Prepping for Post Audio

In this episode of 5 THINGS, Michael covers the essentials for ensuring a smooth handoff from creative editorial to post…

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How to Record Good Audio Quickly and Easily

As there are more and more one-man band jobs being able to capture and record audio quick and easy is…