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We’ve collected the best tips & techniques on filmmaking from around the web and gathered them in one place. That’s right, we sat through hours of really bad content to find the good. Just so you don’t have to (you’re welcome).

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Aspect Ratio | Impact on Story Telling

The Aspect ratio is the width and height dimensions of an image or screen. Hurlbut Academy walks through how different…

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3 Nolan Films | Budget, Expensive & In Between | Following, Inception, & Memento

In-Depth Cine does a great job explicating the effect different levels of funding have on film production quality, and how…

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The Exposure Triangle | ISO, Aperture, Shutter

The concepts of ISO, aperture and shutterspeed can be confusing for amateur photographers and filmmakers. Wolfcrow does a  great job…

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Camera Rigs | Gear and Usage Explained

Camera rigs – used to capture cinematic footage, vary widely in size and use. There is a myriad of options…

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TENET Color Grade Recreation | Davinci Resolve 16

Tenet is one of the most hyped movies of 2020, for its incredible cinematography, acting & directing, and unique color…