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Editing Tips and Lessons Learned

This Guy Edits sits down with Steve Hullfish to discuss editing movies, their careers, and the lessons, tips, and tricks…

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Using Color in Cinematography

Cinematographer Seamus McGarvey, BSC, ASC explains how he makes use of different color schemes in his films to evoke varying…

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Roger Deakins Talks 1917 | Lenses, Long-takes & Cinematography

Roger Deakins was largely responsible for 1917’s immersive long-shot experience as cinematographer and DoP. StudioBinder breaks down how Deakins went…

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2.5D Animation Tutorial | After Effects

Similar to the parallax effect, the 2.5D effect adds movement to your images. While not quite three dimensions, the layers…

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Directing Entourage | Gary Goldman Interview

Gary Goldman recounts his experience directing the Entourage Season 4 ‘Cannes Film fest’ episode with a live crowd, no comms,…