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We’ve collected the best tips & techniques on filmmaking from around the web and gathered them in one place. That’s right, we sat through hours of really bad content to find the good. Just so you don’t have to (you’re welcome).

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Studio Ghibli’s Immersive Animation

Studio Ghibli is a renowned Japanese animation studio run by Hayao Miyazaki. Miyazaki is responsible for such animated masterpieces like…

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The Mandalorian’s Virtual Sets | No Greenscreen

Greenscreen has been the standard VFX tool for filmmakers for decades. However, it has well-known drawbacks, often manifested in noticeable…

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Recreating the Joker’s Color Grade

Oscar-Winner Joker (2019) is a visual tour de force, particularly in the color department. The color grading of Joker brings…

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How Directors Work with Actors

Many directors have unique styles of working with actors on and off-set. Iconic directors like David Fincher, Alfred Hitchcock,  Stanley…

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Editing Tips and Lessons Learned

This Guy Edits sits down with Steve Hullfish to discuss editing movies, their careers, and the lessons, tips, and tricks…