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We’ve collected the best tips & techniques on filmmaking from around the web and gathered them in one place. That’s right, we sat through hours of really bad content to find the good. Just so you don’t have to (you’re welcome).

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How to Master: Tutorial for Non-Mastering Engineers

In this tutorial, iZotope, Inc. uses plug-ins like Ozone, Tonal Balance Control to walk you through how to master if…

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‘1917’ VFX: Before & After

Although Sam Mendes’ 1917 appears to be filmed in one, continuous shot, in fact 91% of the scenes contain  visual effects…

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Post Production in the Cloud

The post production editing industry has historically relied on on-premise workstations to edit high-quality content. Artists and editors would come…

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How Directors & Cinematographers Collaborate

What do directors and cinematographers do on-set? How do they work together to get the right footage? In this video,…

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Aspect Ratio | Impact on Story Telling

The Aspect ratio is the width and height dimensions of an image or screen. Hurlbut Academy walks through how different…