The complete collection of past and recent episodes from our webinar series on all things filmmaking.

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Mixing Color Temperatures

Cinematographer Rob Ellis walks through how to mix daylight and tungsten light sources correctly. This tutorial demonstrates how to achieve…

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Eye Warping Effects in Nuke | Impossible Shots Ep. 16 (Pt 2)

In Part 2 of our Impossible Shots Episode on Eye Effects, we do a deep dive in eye warping in…

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How to Shoot a Two Person Interview | Canon C200 + Canon C500 Mark II

Griffin Conway breaks down the correct way to produce a two-person interview. He takes us behind the scenes of an…

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Eye Effects: Natural Eye Color Changes | Impossible Shots Ep. 16 (Pt.1)

In this Impossible Shot, we kick off a series of videos on eye effects. We’ll take a look at the…

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Day for Night with Rob Ellis| Impossible Shot Ep. 15

In this Impossible Shot, you’ll learn the secrets of shooting during the day for nighttime scenes from expert cinematographer Rob…