Previsualization is a vital tool for planning a productive shoot. And it’s no longer just for big budget productions; we show you how to create previs with software already available to you.

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Previsualization Fundamentals

Previsualization is a major tool for any budget production that may be underutilized by most filmmakers. Although it adds some…

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Sketch Up for Previs

SketchUp is a great application for creating 3D Previsualization models, and you don’t need an engineering degree to be able…

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Adobe Fuse for Previs

Adobe Fuse CC is a 3D computer graphics software app developed by Mixamo and Adobe that enables users to design…

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Unreal for Previz

Pre-visualization is the process of visualizing the angles and camera moves you’ll be employing ahead of the actual shoot. This…

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Unreal Character Animation

The animation system in Unreal Engine 4 includes several editing and animation tools, which combine skeletal-based deformation of meshes with…