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Learn simple ways to achieve powerful visual effects and motion graphics in post.

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Boris FX Particle Illusion Tutorial Series

In this comprehensive tutorial series, Boris FX presenters narrate 25 videos covering everything you need to know about Particle Illusion.…

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‘1917’ VFX: Before & After

Although Sam Mendes’ 1917 appears to be filmed in one, continuous shot, in fact 91% of the scenes contain  visual effects…

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Studio Ghibli’s Immersive Animation

Studio Ghibli is a renowned Japanese animation studio run by Hayao Miyazaki. Miyazaki is responsible for such animated masterpieces like…

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The Mandalorian’s Virtual Sets | No Greenscreen

Greenscreen has been the standard VFX tool for filmmakers for decades. However, it has well-known drawbacks, often manifested in noticeable…

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2.5D Animation Tutorial | After Effects

Similar to the parallax effect, the 2.5D effect adds movement to your images. While not quite three dimensions, the layers…