Editing Tips and Lessons Learned


This Guy Edits sits down with Steve Hullfish to discuss editing movies, their careers, and the lessons, tips, and tricks of the trade they have learned along the way.

Here’s just a few of the editing Do’s and Don’t’s discussed:

  •  Know when to not make cuts. Too much of anything is bad. 
  •  Make the edits/changes that you feel are right. Be a collaborator, but not a sycophant of the director. 
  •  Editing is a process of repetitive revision. Like Ernest Hemingway’s writing process.
  •  Ask yourself, how does your scene affect the overall story? Make adjustments to keep it cohesive.
  • Usually, it’s more interesting to show who’s listening rather than who’s speaking. Reaction shots can easily be overused. 
  • Understand and analyze the why during editing. Edit intuitively but be sure to rationalize why you cut it that way in the first place. 
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