‘Deakinizer’ Lens Effect Tutorial


Learn how to re-create the amazing ‘Deakinizer’ lens effect from ‘The Assasination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford.‘ Cinematographer Roger Deakins worked with lens technician Otto Nemenz to create the unique visual effect, which was heavily used during transition moments of the film.

According to Deakins, “Nemenz removed the front element off a 9.8 Kinoptic [lens], and also mounted the glass from old wide-angle lenses to the front of a couple of Arri Macros…Removing the front element makes the lens faster, and it also gives you this wonderful vignetting and slight color diffraction around the edges.”

Deakins is a legendary cinematographer, who is known for concise and simple shots, and wideframe establishing shots. As such, his use of this lens effect for transition moments throughout the film brings a unique look to this moody western.

DaVinci Resolve has nonlinear OFX plug-ins that enable you to recreate the Deakinizer lens effect with your own footage. Watch UglyMgregor’s concise tutorial on just how to achieve this cinematic look in Resolve.


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