Planning & Executing a Shoot

How to create a shooting schedule

A tutorial on how to build a shooting schedule using Shot Liter.

Source: Zach Lipovsky

The Anatomy of a Call Sheet

Breakdown of fundamentals of a call sheet: Crew call times, weather, locations, schedule, and more. Call sheet template is made by StudioBinder.

Source: StudioBinder

What is a Call Sheet? How to Create and Understand Call Sheets

Breakdown and understanding how to create and read a Call Sheet.

How to Make a Call Sheet: A Step-By-Step Walkthrough

A step-by-step on creating a call sheet. A call sheet is necessary information for talent and crew to get on production on time.

Source: StudioBinder

Feeding Staff and Crew at your Video Shoot - Craft Services

An essential part to keep the staff and crew happy for a long shoot.

Source: Bill Rolland

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