Throwing a fake fight

Introduction to choreographing a fight scene

We don’t all have the luxury of paying an army of stunt actors to do the fight sequences. However, performing stunts the wrong way can go very wrong, very quickly. Here we’ve included a collection of videos to provide insight into how to execute fight scenes, throw punches, and generally keep your talent safe.

Start with the video below, which provides good, practical punching technique and plenty of solid safety advice.

Throwing a fake fight - We Trained Like Superhero Stunt Performers

If you can get past the cute Youtuber overshare, the video below actually provides solid insight into how high-end stunt coordinators execute their stunts.

Source: BuzzFeedBlue

Stunt Punching

This video from BigPuddleFilms gives a little more detail on the subtleties of throwing a punch:

Source: BigPuddleFilms

5 Bullet Points to Build a Better Fight Scene

These guys also offer some great tips on fight scene composition:

Source: BigPuddleFilms

How to Make A Punch Look Realistic

Another take from the good people at Film Riot:

Source: Film Riot

Stunt training in Hollywood

And, if you happen to be a world-class martial arts instructor with more flexibility than Mrs Incredible, you can try your hand at following the examples in this video (Don’t be thrown by the German; instructor speaks English):

Source: flyinguwe

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