This set of videos outlines the bedrock of modern lighting design: the three point light setup.


0:45 The key light - positioning and shadows
1:26 Using soft or hard light sources for the key light
1:56 The fill light - positioning and combining with the key
2:22 Bounce lighting - reflecting the key to act as a fill source
2:44 Converting a hard light source to a soft light source
3:18 The back light - positioning and strength
3:49 The kicker light - a variation on back lighting
4:19 Outdoor bounce lighting techniques
Setup walkthrough
0:18 Key light setup procedure
1:11 Lighting for talent wearing glasses
1:24 Lighting "outside the actor's look"
1:54 Setting shadows to fall along the "smile line"
2:02 Back light setup procedure
2:32 Correcting lens flare issues in the back light
2:39 Fill light setup procedure
2:52 Positioning a bounce light
Additional lights
0:08 Working with an eye light
0:54 Lighting set pieces, practical lighting, backdrop lights
Summary review