In this section we hone in on the all-important protagonist of the story. We look at the protagonist's desire, will power, empathy, protagonist archetypes and the vital concept of character arc. We also look at designing a supporting cast around the protagonist and the importance of an antagonist to create contrast in the protagonist.


Creating A Protagonist Worthy of Your Story
0:31 Making Your Protagonist Believable
Choosing Your Hero
0:35 Indentifiable Heroes
0:30 Contradictory Desires
Protagonists and Will Power and Empathy
0:27 Protagonists and Empathy
1:49 Making any Character Likeable
Protagonist Arc
0:35 Arcing Any Character With Dimension
Cast Design
0:48 When to Introduce Characters
1:38 A Limp and an Eyepatch
Principle of Antagonism