This set of videos covers the fundamental aspects of light quality, terminology, temperature and source color.


0:23 Practical Versus Set Lighting
Light Qualities - Softness
0:16 Soft Light Shadow Quality
1:11 Variable Penumbra
1:29 Effects Of Lighting Distance
2:17 Controlling Softness
Light Qualities - Angle Of Throw
0:16 High Noon
0:23 Low Angle
0:31 Effect Of Lighting Angle On Actors
Light Qualities - Colors And Their Meanings
0:23 Matching Light Sources
0:55 Practical Solutions To Mismatched Light Sources
1:14 Common Meanings Of Lighting Color
1:30 Night Scenes And The Color Blue
Lighting Contrast
0:06 The Key To Fill Ratio
0:34 High Key Lighting Setups
0:47 Low Key Lighting Setups
The Lighting Design Process
0:08 Choosing High Key Or Low Key
0:26 Working With Existing Practical Light Sources
0:58 Adjusting Lighting Intensity To Match Depth Of Field And Exposure
1:20 Enhancing Practical Lighting With Theatrical Lighting