This set of videos outlines color preparation and set survey techniques, specifically geared towards 3D camera tracking in post-production.


Understanding camera trackers
0:18 Point clouds: a 3D map for your scene
0:58 The mechanics of camera tracking
1:28 Camera movement requirements
1:50 Dealing with independent movement
On location
0:13 Line skipping issues
0:32 Sub-sampling issues
0:55 Choosing a recording format
1:31 On-set camera data
2:01 Set Survey
2:29 Color survey
Creating an HDR probe
0:31 Understanding High Dynamic Range images
1:10 Capturing the images
1:34 Capturing bracketed exposures
Processing and HDR probe in Photoshop
0:26 The "Merge to HDR Pro" command
0:57 Setting the image to 32 bit float
1:40 Saving as OpenEXR
1:53 Balancing the color of the HDR probe
3:07 Cropping the probe
Removing rolling shutter artifact
1:06 Removing rolling shutter in After Effects
Removing lens distortion
0:44 Shooting a lens grid
Undistorting your footage
0:55 Using the Optics Compensation filter in After Effects
Performing a basic camera track
1:10 Adding tracked text to your shot