Dado Valentic

About Me

Dado Valentic is a colourist and colour scientist with long standing contribution in the field of innovation of digital colour correction. He is a founder of one of the UK’s most respected colour grading facility – Mytherapy. For over a decade he has been developing algorithms for colour and image processing and his research and development work has culminated with the release of ‘Colourlab’ Software – a high-end look and colour management application available only through rigorous certification and training program. He is was one of the inventors of Colour Managed Workflow that has today become a standard for the most high end feature and episodic TV productions. Dado is recognised by the industry for his contribution as a speaker and instructor on the subject of Colour and Colour Science. He is a regular lecturer on some of the world’s leading film schools including: International Film School in London, DFFB/UpGrade in Berlin, AFTRS in Sydney, SAE Oxford, Moscow Film School. He also teaches regularly on Reducation in Los Angeles, New York, Moscow, Singapore, London and Miami. He is a contributor to British Cinematographer Society, Dutch Cinematographer Society and Swedish Cinematographer Society and continues to be one of the most innovative colourists and colour scientist in the world.