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Emery Wells


About Me

Emery Wells is the founder and CTO of Katabatic Digital, a boutique media company that blends creativity with technology to offer cutting edge media services for high-end clients such as Saturday Night Live, Jaguar, Nike, CocaCola, MillerCoors, and many more. Emery has been involved in computer graphics for over 10 years. He has extensive experience in digital production including television, film, web, and live broadcast. Before launching Katabatic Digital, Emery was an award winning producer and visual effects supervisor. In 2004 he was awarded a ProMax Gold award for his work on Nickelodeons holiday interstitial package with credits including visual effects supervisor and lead compositor. In 2005 he co-produced and co-hosted “MacBreak,” the first high definition podcast on iTunes which held the #1 spot for several weeks. He later went on to co-create "The Circuit" a technology news program and first scripted series for the MOJO HD network.
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