3D Matchmoving Techniques


3D matchmoving is all around us on television, commercials and in movies. In most instances you never know it’s there. Yet it allows a huge variety of different effects, from the subtle addition of 3D props, environmental effects through set extensions, architectural previz and up to hyper-visible in-scene motion graphics.

This webinar will take a lightning overview of the process by looking at why 3D matchmoving is important to a wide range of VFX work. We analyze what you can do to improve the quality of your matchmoves at the most important stage – when shooting. From there, we look at the process of using 3D matchmoving software to replicate the original camera movement.

After getting the best results we can, we’ll take that data into After Effects. Finally we will explore the flexibility of that data and demonstrate how to create a title scene.

  • Why matchmove?
  • Planning your VFX shot prior to shooting.
  • Analyzing what type of footage is not suitable for 3D Matchmoving.
  • When not to 3D track even when you can.
  • Preparing your footage.
  • Auto-tracking and refining.
  • Check and improve the camera solve.
  • Using your camera in After Effects.
  • Tweak the data and avoid common problems.
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