Automatic Rotoscoping | Impossible Shots Ep. 4


We’re still a few years away from where machine learning AI can produce rotoscoping that rivals what human artists can achieve (though only a very few), but even today machine learning offers results that are more than adequate for color correction, camera tracking garbage mattes, or temp roto for slap comps while waiting on final outsourced roto. And with just a couple of lines of code you—the unskilled, non-programmer—can have that machine learning goodness at your command. What’s better, you can start to learn a little Python in the process.

Download the project file here: FindMattes


:56 Step 1: Installing the software
3:15 Step 2: Creating a Python environment and installing libraries
7:51 Step 3: Creating our first Autoroto rest
16:51 Step 4: Creating the user interface
24:45 Step 5: Completing the Automatic Rotoscoping tool
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