Color Science Basics for Filmmakers


When working with images every day it pays to have have an understanding of how our eyes see color and what really goes on “under the hood” when cameras and software store and manipulates images.

In this webinar we’ll cover the basics of color perception, how that translates to digital color processing, and include an explanation of terms that often get thrown around in post-produciton (log, linear, rec709, P3, LUTs, etc…) We’ll skip the math and focus on practical color knowledge including some fun optical illusions which illustrate how color can sometimes be counterintuitive.

The color science knowledge provided in this webinar can help you get the best quality images while avoiding common problems encountered in production and post-production.

  • What is color, how do we see it and how do we measure it?
  • How we store colors for video and digital cinema.
  • Why you can’t always trust your eyes.
  • Common color problems for filmmakers.
  • LUT basics – what they are and why they’re great but don’t solve everything.
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