From Still Frames to Fine Art


Many of us wish we were more “creative” in our jobs. Exactly what that means may range from wishing you were a better graphic designer, to hoping your client or boss would give you more creatively challenging jobs (and pay you accordingly), to feeling more fulfilled in your job and life. In this unique webinar, motion graphics artist and After Effects expert Chris Meyer discusses all of the above: from ways to get more creativity into your life, to improving your graphics using artistic design principles, to his own path to creating a parallel career as a mixed media fine artist. Chris won¹t be able to make you “creative” in under an hour, but he can point the way toward things you may want to study and ways to change up your routine to nurture your creative side. He also shares how he creates his own art, using some of the same tools he uses in his “day” job including Adobe Camera Raw and Photoshop.

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The End of Print


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Visiting MOMA

Visiting MOCA

International Folk Art Museum

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Expressive Drawing:

Chris Meyer art sites:

Trish Meyer art sites:

  • The “Secrets” of Graphic Composition.
  • Adopting More Creative Habits.
  • Creating Your Own Imagery.
  • Color-Managed Printing Workflow.
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