Load Balancing


In the case of both high-amp soundstage power and generators there’s one more important consideration: load balancing. As a three phase generator spins, there are three separate coils being energized. They’re 120 degrees apart in the rotation of the generator and so their alternating current is 120 degrees out of phase. The details of the science aren’t important. What is important is that for the safe operation of the generator – or transformers delivering power to the soundstage – your power requirements should be distributed evenly across the three separate phases of the power, called the hot wires, or hot legs. For example, if you have two 5K lights, two 10K lights and a single 20K, you’d want to put the 20K light on one phase and a combination of a 5K and 10K on each of the other phases. If you’re working with a single phase generator, you’ll want to balance all lights between the two hots on the generator. The good news is that load balancing on a modest set isn’t all that complicated. If you find that one of your circuits is tripping a breaker, move some of the load to another circuit. Once you stop tripping breakers you should be good to go.

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