The complete collection of past and recent episodes from our provideocoalition.com webinar series on all things filmmaking.

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Clearing the Road (for the zombie apocalypse)

Description: How do you film a zombie apocalypse road scene without closing down the town for a day? Easy: clean…

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Faking 3D

Description: Some people avoid 3D like the plague. So how do you achieve the look without actually creating 3D models?…

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7 Essential AE Scripts

As you familiarize yourself with After Effects, many tasks start getting tedious and repetitive. If you’re looking for a way…

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Dry for Wet Pt3: Making it Rain

In this final part of our series on “Dry for Wet,” we look at using Fusion’s particle system to quickly…

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Dry for Wet Pt2: Faking Reflections (done right)

Learn how to project accurate reflections onto a scene to simulate wetness and other reflection techniques. Using Fusion, we create…