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The “big picture” of making a movie. Learn about the roles of people on a set, how to pitch and prepare, the unique demands of television (and OTT episodic) production, and how to market your movie when you’re done.

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Film Production Legal

One of the most overlooked aspects of the video production process is the release form or waiver. While there are…

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Film history

Head to film school and one of things you’ll spend a lot of time learning is film history. For good reason:…

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Filmmaking: the big picture

We’ve really been spoiled with this category: a collaboration between PBS Digital Studios and CrashCourse has resulted in by far…

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Intro to Pitching and Pre-Production

A nice, gentle introduction to pitching and pre-production to the relative newbie.

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The Filmmaker’s Army – Who does what?

A surprisingly comprehensive coverage of the main personnel on a film.