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Learn how to design and construct props to use for your project

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Seamless Paper Backgrounds Guide

In this video, Savage Seamless Paper provides an in-depth guide to their seamless paper background offerings. They have a range…

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The Production of Mad Max (2015) | Behind the Scenes

In this round of Best of the Web, Pierre Olivier-Portier sits down with the producers, VFX supervisors and actors of…

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Making Fake Body Parts

A tutorial on how to transform a cheap plastic skull into a gory horror prop using simple materials.

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DIY Ghostbusters Proton Pack

Indy Mogul’s Erik Beck goes into obsessive detail, revealing his techniques for constructing, illuminating, and aging a Ghostbuster’s proton pack…

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How to Age Paper

What’s a short film without a mysterious parchment, or an ancient map? It’s almost compulsory to have one in one…